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Reasons To Add A Derma Roller To Your Essential Kit

Derma rolling, also known as micro-needling, is a scientifically proven collagen induction therapy (CIT) or scar reduction therapy (SRT). You therefore need a derma roller for this therapy that is guaranteed to improve your appearance because collagen production is essential for a healthy skin. Micro-needling sessions are simple so you do everything yourself at home. Recovery after every session requires just a few days depending on the size of needles you choose for your derma roller. Each comes with instructions from the manufacturer on how to use for optimal results.

If you are not yet sure whether you need to start derma rolling, below are some of the top reasons why you should consider.

Derma roller: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

As you age, your skin continues to produces less collagen and elastin. This makes the skin thinner and attracts fine lines and wrinkles. Using a derma roller for micro-needling sessions can help reverse these aging signs because the treatment triggers an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. The results you get and how soon to expect them mostly depend on your age and the severity of your wrinkles. The younger you are and the mild your wrinkles are, the faster you may expect results that can be dramatic.

Treat scarring to improve appearance

Most of us may have struggled with acne in the past and the scars it leaves behind can be ugly. Not everyone succeeds with use of chemicals peels or lasers. Fortunately, a derma roller can be quite effective for the treatment of acne scars naturally. No side effects to worry about as far as derma rolling is concerned. Micro-needling breaks down the bad collagen formation on your acne scars to trigger new collagen production that makes your skin healthier to enhance facial appearance. Different types of scars can be improved this way except only for keloid scars (scar tissue growth that penetrates deep into the skin).

Make skincare products more beneficial

After your derma rolling sessions, there are certain types of skincare products you could use to optimize results. The penetration of ingredients from such products can increase by up to 90%. But you should avoid anti-aging products that contain vitamin A because it can be toxic if it penetrates too much into your skin. Some skincare ingredients are known to stimulate collagen growth, so you would want more of those penetrating better.

Prevent premature skin aging

Since the amounts of collagen and elastin produced in our skins keep reducing over time, it is a nice idea to consider derma rolling as a way of reversing such changes. That way you can stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin, thus preventing premature aging of your skin.

Reduce your stretch marks

When your skin rapid stretches, it forms stretch marks and sometimes too many of them can look ugly. Using a derma roller to treat this is quite effective. However, you would need more sessions than you normally do for scars.

Other reasons

Some parts of our facial skin especially on the cheeks and the nose may tend to have large pores than can look a bit unattractive. The size of these pores can be reduced when collagen growth is triggered with micro-needling sessions. Hyperpigmentation can also be treated with micro needles because skin repair involves shedding the top layer and producing normal melanocyte. Age spots can also be similarly treated.

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